Causes and treatment of Back pain in Brunswick?

A pain in your back can really affect all aspects of your life. You already know that, that’s why you are here seeking information. So for all the back pain sufferers in Brunswick let the chiro’s of Essendon Health and Sport help you out.

Many people are perplexed by why they have back pain. Society has enduring myths that back pain is caused by lifting heavy objects. While this is possible the vast majority of back pains occur through repetition of small efforts. The things we do repeatedly that don’t appear likely to cause back pain. Reclining on a couch, sitting at our computers for work or recreation, having a Saturday morning sleep in. All things we do a lot of that don’t cause pain one day but do the next.

Exercise is great but can still create back pain if we overdo it or try something we're not ready for. And what about pregnancy? All the weight gain in such a short time can sure put your back under pressure.

Our body buffers many insults every day. Air and noise pollution, poor food choices, lack of sleep, high stress levels and little exercise. We don’t get the symptoms immediately but we all know that prolonged exposure to these things can result in illness and pain some time down the track. The same applies to back pain. Your spine will tolerate poor posture, computer overwork and Netflix/FB couch habits for only so long and then pain develops.

And yet many of us are surprised.

So if you have back pain in Brunswick or surrounding suburbs the chiropractors around the corner at Essendon Health and Sport Centre will probe the reasons you have back pain from. Chances are it won’t be from lifting something heavy!