Chronic and Acute Pain

Chronic and Acute Pain


Most of us experience discomfort throughout our lives. Whether from a traumatic lifting injury, sleeping in a damaging bed or with a bad pillow or perhaps for no noticeable reason. Sadly for some, the discomfort can be disabling and even disrupt their day-to-day tasks.

Our course of action includes a comprehensive viewpoint of adjustments, deep tissue massage therapy as well as guidance to deal with exercise, weight management, postural and corrective techniques in order to help your body gain back strength.

At Nicholson Health & Wellness, we evaluate all elements of your daily life combined with a comprehensive medical history and assessment to discover the origin of your pain.

Keep in mind, this information is a guide and it is suggested you schedule a consultation with an expert so we can extensively examine you and also review your specific treatment choices.

Acute Pain

Acute Pain is temporary and also arises from something specific, such as an injury, or inflammation / swelling. There is muscle damage that requires our attention however despite the injury or kind of pain, it is the brain that creates the discomfort to get us to pay attention. So pain is a message FROM the brain, not the site of pain, to get us to take note. It commands our attention. If the mind identifies damage (or risk of damage) it switches on pain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing. There is no longer tissue damage. It should’ve healed by now and not be hurting. And in fact it often has healed. After 3-6 months the healing process has finished and the pain now has less to do with tissue damage or in fact the site of the pain. For various reason’s the brain is continuing to produce a pain message. It is more about the sensitization of the nervous system and the way the brain is interpreting incoming messages. So dealing with acute pain and chronic pain are totally different things.
Importantly If you approach chronic pain like it is just acute pain that is still going, you will struggle to get full success as it requires focusing on different things. This is really important and often not fully understood by chronic pain sufferers.

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