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At Essendon Health & Sports Centre, we are committed to being the Essendon Chiropractor clinic that people turn to for both treatment and rehabilitation. Our philosophy of patient focused care aims to treat the cause of a patient's complaints, rather than only treating symptoms

So what makes a good Essendon chiropractor? How do we treat a Sore Neck?

We place a strong emphasis on identifying the underlying cause of your presenting complaint, and make an accurate diagnosis. This requires thorough examination and testing, including orthopaedic, functional, postural and neurological testing, and in some cases may require further X-rays or referral.

We're also a trusted clinic for people looking for a Moonee Ponds chiropractor who treats Sciatica

At Essendon Health & Sports centre, we create a customised treatment plan as each injury/ailment is different and requires a varied approach. We place a strong emphasis on rehabilitation to strengthen core muscles, whilst offering a variety of treatments. Some treatments include:

  • soft tissue work
  • gentle manual spinal adjustments
  • ergonomic advice
  • stretching exercises

With regular care, reassessments and patient education, this ensures that our patients are responding to treatment and improving, whilst ensuring an understanding of how they can assist in the function of their body and nervous system for optimal results.

When can it be a good time to call a chiropractor? When you have:

  1. Painful Joints & Muscles
  2. Post-Accident or Injury
    1. When did the pain develop?
    2. Where is the pain coming from?
    3. Describe the feeling of your injury
  3. Frequent Headaches & Migraines
  4. Radiating Pain

Chiropractic is more than relieving chronic pain due to musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It’s about helping patients better treat their pain so they can better live their lives.

We can also put you in touch with practitioners who can perform remedial massage

Massage is often recommended along with chiropractic treatment, either before or after and adjustment, as part of a longer treatment regimen. This combination of treatments often produces more effective results, and faster healing in the patient.

We also work in conjunction with other allied health streams, you can rest assured that your health care is being taken care of as we work together for the best outcome to our patients.

The Difference Between Chiropractic Massage and Massage Therapy...

These two complementary therapies are widely utilised by clients with chronic conditions to complement the conventional medical modalities. For those with the perspective of healing, chiropractic adjustments and massages are great better options.

We look forward to seeing you at The Essendon Health & Sports Centre!

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